Reminder based on the time a task needs


Hi. Some tasks need several days of work to be completed. That would be great if it is possible to set the length of time that a task needs (e.g. 3 days) and if I set its due date for 10 days later, it will remind me after 7 days (3 days before due date since task needs 3 days to be completed). I would really love such an option.


Hi, have you tried using Start Date?

However Start Date is a Premium feature.


Thanks, I didn’t know about it. However, in this feature I need to set start date but what I mean is that I just set the amount of time a task needs and set due date and it automatically reminds me.
p.s. Is the start date feature only available for days or hours too?


Ok now I understand, but I don’t know if it’s possible with Start Date, I only have the free version of ASANA, then I can’t try :wink:


Hi. Couldn’t you still use the start date feature? If your task takes 3 days and it’s due on the 10th, you could just set the start date for the 7th.

It would look like this:


The task would be promoted to the Today section of My Tasks on the 7th, so you would know when to start on it.

To answer your other question, you can only set start dates based on days, not hours. However, you can add a due time.

Hope that helps!