Remembering to Use Asana + Daily Reports


Our CTO is having trouble getting the dev team to keep up with Asana and do daily commits + reports. Do you guys have any advice?

It’s gotten to the point where we’re considering having a rule like every 3 days it’s not done a day of salary will be lost but would rather do something less harsh.

Any ideas / hacks?


A simple custom field for status (backlog, doing, review, testing, released etc.) would be easily implemented. Also a custom field for time needed etc.

Reports can be saved with the star icon once you have created the report.

Perhaps you can write a few more details what the issues are.



Have you talked with your dev team to understand why they don’t (or don’t want to) open Asana and update their tasks ? As @Sebastian_Paasch said, could you write more detailson the issue?

Explaining why you want to use Asana is very important and maybe you’ve already done that, but you should also daily accompany them to show how to use Asana and the added value of Asana. When you’ll have convinced one of them, the others will follow and believe also in Asana.

@Sebastian_Paasch has written a great topic on Asana implementation with many advices:


Thanks for the feedback guys I passed this along to the CTO. It’s difficult because it’s all remote, but convincing them of the value and asking what is wrong seems like a good idea. Will also check the linked article.