Remember sort option for MyTasks?



Please, please make it possible to set a default sort (“due date” for me) for my tasks.
As it is now i need to do the 3 clicks to (re)set the sort for about 50 times a day :slight_smile:


How do I save 'view'?

Hi @thomas.hermans

You can actually set a default view by clicking on ‘Save View For everyone’:



Ok Mark, thanks.
But “everyone” sounds like “not only me” :slight_smile:
I don’t want to force my slightly autistic behaviour onto my collegues, maybe they like chaos.



That’s okay, Thomas. It only saves that default for everyone looking at your ‘My Tasks’ page. Everyone else will be able to choose their own settings.

Sorry, I should have made that clear.


Yessss, I’m not the only one who was confused forever about that!


Cool, set the default sort, works fine, problem solved :slight_smile:
Thanks Mark.


When I change my view, it wont save to my browser, every time I open the site I have to select the setting again. Is there a way to make Asana save my prefference?


You need to hit “Save view for everyone”


Can the default view when you go into your list of “My Tasks” be by due date. I know you can change the view, but when you are moving back and forth between items quickly and have to keep resetting that view, it would be nice to have it come up by due date automatically. Or if you don’t want it by due date, could you choose your default?


You should be able to do a Custom Search and save the result as a view.


Hi @Jen1

I just answered a similar question here:

@Bastien_Siebman’s suggestion would certainly work too.


Both of these suggestions were great and helped me and my team immensely. Not sure why I didn’t see that ‘Save View for Everyone’?? Thanks so much @thomas.hermans and @Bastien_Siebman!!


I so not see this option on my mobile. Is there a way? Shouldn’t it by default. It is frustrating and basic UX need.


No, I can’t see it as an option on mobile either. It seems to reset back to default every time you reopen the app. You could post a product feedback thread if you’d like to suggest it as an improvement.


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