Remember default workspace per browser


Hi everyone

Asana seems to remember the last workspace I selected, and shows that in every computer I use. So if I switch to a different workspace and then go to a different browser/computer, I see that same workspace when loading the app.

My problem is that I use different workspaces in different contexts (like office, home, etc.) so every time I change context and open de app again, the first thing I have to do is switch workspaces.

It gets a bit annoying over time:
Go home, switch workspace.
Go work, switch workspace.
Go home, switch workspace.
… you get the idea.

I can imagine I’m not the only one with this use case. As context can be defined by a different computer, or rather a different browser, wouldn’t it make sense to have Asana remember the last workspace used in that specific browser?

What do you think?


Hi @jorgetoledo and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! You’re completely right, Asana does remember and will automatically log you in the last workspace you visited. That said, I see your point and understand why in your specific context, it would be useful if Asana could remember the last space used for each of your browsers; although I suspect this could impact performances and potentially slow down your logging process. Either way, thanks for reaching out and for providing us with some extra context, hopefully this is something we can look into in the future!