RELOAD required constantly

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(Asana constantly asks me to reload):

Is anyone else being asked to reload multiple times a day?

I can’t seem to complete a single workflow at the moment without having to reload!

Hello @Giles_Hugo,

is this only happening today?

Did you try the troubleshooting steps already? Tried incognito window, etc?

As per the status page there were minor outages today

@Giles_Hugo Happening to me too. I’m using the Asana App, and I’ve checked the status and it looks like there have been reported outages.

I have restarted the browser and it has been all day - but not previous to that…
will assess tomorrow and hope all is fine…

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I have the issue occuring across my company here and some using Chrome browser (seems to be more of an issue) and others on Opera (where i had teh issue the other day) now seems resolved

Browser updated - have contected support also