Release Changelog




I would like to realize a change log in Asana. My idea:
Have a list with sections - each section is a version (1.0.0:, 1.1.0, …).

Once we finished a task, we put it on the change log list and select the related version(sections) from the drop down.
In general this works fine, but when marking the section as completed (release is done), all the previously related tasks are automatically related to the next “non completed” section in the list.

Is that intended? Any other ideas to workaround that? How are you guys doing that?

Thanks Simon


Why not not complete the section and show it is done in another way? Like in its name.

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Definitely the best workaround so far.
Something unpleasant about this is that for a short time, the “section” drop down will grow very quickly. This means that we have to choose the right one from a list of all releases. Thanks to alphabetical sorting, you only have to search in the upper area.
Another point is that the state in the timeline is not raised visually (except by the wording). This makes it difficult to quickly record the status of individual releases. For that we introduced a custom drop down field with the states and assigned color to them. Works, but is additional overhead.

The more i think about the sections (even when comparing the behavior to columns in boards), i think the hierarchy of tasks under a section should be kept when completing them. Maybe even more than, when completing a section, all related tasks are completed as well automatically.