I downgraded the seats in my organisation halfway through my subscription as they were not needed after paying an annual fee up front. Now I want to NOT RENEW my subscription as we do not need it and ASANA are keeping almost $500USD of the credit and will not issue a refund…

In Australia, that’s called stealing as you keep someone’s money for a service you did not supply.

The only thing they have offered is to keep my money and Cancel the subscription or to ‘work off’ the credit with a smaller premium subscription for a service that I do not need and is all round clunky.

Asana are a joke!

Hi @Dylan_Maloney and sorry to hear you’re leaving Asana. For security and privacy reasons, we cannot discuss or resolve billing issues via our public Forum. But if you haven’t yet, you can review our cancellation policy here; and our support team will happy to answer any question you might have with regards to this policy.

No. I have already talked to the support team several times and all they do is parrot generic answers, like you did. They don’t answer questions.
And I have read your policy and it still doesn’t outline why you won’t give me the credit back. It’s not a refund for a product. You have money for a product you didn’t supply!

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