Refresh report / search option

I am fairly certain that in the past, I have created an advanced search then saved it (used be a saved search - is now a report) and could then use that saved search to perform an easy check - e.g. all tasks completed by a particular assignee within x number of days - by ‘refreshing’ the search. Has this option been removed?

I notice now I have to ‘refine the search’ (without making any changes just clicking search) then I have to save report - which is then saved as a new ‘search results’ rather than replacing the information in my previously saved and renamed report.

It would be good to have the simple ‘refresh’ back

I agree, and this is very weird not to be able to update an existing report. Not sure if this is a bug or a desired behavior…

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I have saved report unchanged since at least one year, and I just tried they still work fine.
My “all tasks completed by a particular assignee within x number of days” report is updated as soon as I click on the report name in the left panel.
Thus you maybe have a bug, or the desired behavior is not yet deployed for everyone.

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The “bug” is about the fact that you can’t update a report without having to create a different one.

Hi again @Bastien_Siebman - after seeing what @Julien_RENAUD wrote in his reply I went and had another look - he is quite right the report updates automatically - no need to manually refresh like you used to! Moved this out of feedback as not something that Asana need to change after all. :grinning:


I misunderstood. Yes the content updates itself. But if you want to change the settings, that creates a new report (I think) and that is annoying :stuck_out_tongue: