Refining a saved search should have option to either overwrite or make a new saved search


Right now when you refine a saved search it makes a new saved search automatically. My intention often is to overwrite my existing saved search, not make a new one.

My suggestion is when you refine a saved search provide the option to overwrite or create new.


Yes! This would be great. I like that I can refine a search. But it should not generate a brand new search that I now have to rename, and get rid of the old search. I’m doing weekly reporting by exporting tasks, I have to change the dates of my searches for blocked and blocking tasks and this is a total pain the way this is working now.


I’d just like to support this post and maybe try and get it some more attention so others might vote.

I currently have 3 advanced searches set up, all linked with a Google Sheet, which is itself linked to a Power BI report. It all works perfectly and updates within about 5 mins. However, when I want to add a new project to one of the advanced searches, I have to:

  • refine the search and add the new project
  • save the search
  • go back in and select the sync to Google Sheets option
  • copy the share URL, which I then paste into the Google Sheet
  • delete the old version of the search
  • rename the new one

If I could choose to overwrite the existing search, it would save me so many clicks!

Thanks :slight_smile: