Reference numbers for tasks

Hi Harwant,

What are you using Asana for if you have Jira?

Kicking the can here, this would be a great feature to see in Asana, especially given the introduction of Forms that can be used to take requests from internal or external sources (e.g. clients). ClickUp has made a point to point out their task IDs for tracking. I don’t think it’s a great implementation but it’s something more than a super long string of numbers in a URL bar.

I’d love to let go of my ZenDesk subscription and just use Asana, while also not having to put together a hack using Zapier and other options to add a simple ID number.


I am using this extension

Ninjana ist capable of providing numbers for Asana tasks:

It would be great to have task id’s in a similar matter like they in JIRA for example. There is a short id for project and then increasing counter number for each created task. So if I give our project an id of PROJ and create the first task, it would have an id PROJ-1.

That would be great if you could implement this. Or is there a support in your API to do this kind of extensions ourselves?

You could certainly use the API to add ID numbers to tasks - that’s how the 3rd party apps mentioned in this thread are adding IDs to tasks. You’d use either Events or Webhooks to know when a new task is added to a project, and when you detect a new task, add an ID to it (either to the task name and/or to a custom field). You’d need to manage the IDs yourself to insure uniqueness.

Here is a quick animation to show our tool in action. You can find out more here:



How about a unique, user-created prefix per project?

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Asana does not currently send notifications when a new project is created. However, once this becomes available (I believe it is in the works) we will have this option available as well.

So for the time being, we only apply a unique number to tasks.

Phil, are you still able to provide instructions for setting up your zaps for auto-numbering in Asana? If so, I’m interested. Thank you!


Oh boy, it’s been a while now - I should have documented it back when I initially did it. I’ll see if I can dig it up!

I tried this product of yours and it does not appear to be working.

Looks like I got it to work - Sweet!

Hi Maggie, I am giving it a try. How long before the numbers populate? Its been some time.

Hi Maggie, What is the wait time on the numbers showing up? I am trying now.

Glad you were able to get it to work. For anyone else that might be having issues, you can follow the steps on our video here:

Erik, I just sent you an e-mail as well. If you could, reply back and we can discuss why they might not be showing up for you. It usually takes about 5 seconds or so for the number to appear.

Any way to get previous tasks numbered also? Just seems it is for new ones.

Yes we can. However we only do that after setting up a subscription. We can then go through and apply a number to any open tasks.

Well, well. We might finally have a solution folks! I’ll be back to you Maggie.