Reference a subtask or task as a field within projects and portfolios

Hi All,

Would be lovely to be able to reference an existing subtask or task as a field type—something similar to Notion’s “Relation” field.

A simple use-case would be to have a field that functions as a quick view of the “Current Priority”, pulled from a list of subtasks within a given task. e.g. If the main task is “Onboard New Hire”, the relation field might show the next-due subtask like “Add Person to Slack”, (or ideally any task you choose, not necessarily governed by due date).

Additionally, it would be super useful within portfolios—where the field could function as an at-a-glance current priority for a given project within a portfolio. As opposed to having to manually click into status updates, PM’s could simply link the current priority, or next milestone, providing glanceable clarity for those with stake in a project.

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I agree, the current Text field is not enough, even if clickable. We need a “Task” field :heart:

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