Redirection when undeleting a project

Hi folks,
When someone deletes a project, we receive a link to undelete the project by email. When we click this link, it loads for a few seconds and redirects to the “My Tasks” page.

I know that the project has been successfully recovered (by searching the project name, I can find the recovered project). But I would have liked if, the link redirects us directly into the project that was just recovered instead of “My Tasks” page, because this behavior gives us the impression that there is no trace on this project and it can’t be recovered, which is not the case.


Hi @Harris_ASHOKAR, welcome to our Forum community!

Being redirected to the recovered project after selecting the undelete option via email would indeed be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback.

Feel free to vote for your feature request above. :+1:

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