Recurring tasks



I am very happy with Asana, except for one issue. On completion of a recurring task, next instance does not appear immediately. For example, if I have submitted a monthly report on June 1 & mark the task as completed, the July 1 instance does not appear quickly. I have set it up to repeat every month, on the 1st day. I can see the next due instance of the task only if I log out & log in again, or if I go to another project & come back to this project!! Seems sluggish. It is the same problem with the desktop browser version AND the mobile app. In comparison, with another task management app, the next instance appears instantly, with no lag at all. What could be the reason, & how can it be solved? I do not have any problem with internet connectivity. Kindly help.


Hi Prakash. Thanks for your feedback! If you’re not seeing the new recurring task immediately appear, it is likely because of the due date of the recurring task. For instance, if you have a daily recurring task, you’ll see it appear high in your task list because it is due the next day. Whereas a recurring task that takes place one month from now will appear lower in your list and likely be hidden in upcoming until closer to its due date. Here’s a bit more information about My Tasks if you’re interested. Please let us know if you have other questions.


I also have this problem. I like to have the chance to edit the next recurrance right after I finish the current one. For example, I create quarterly financials, and when I complete a set of financials, I click complete, and then have to search for the next task, and sometimes there is quite a delay. It would be MUCH better if the newly created task came up instantly on the screen replacing the completed task so that I could edit it and adjust the due date if needed. THANKS!