Recurring Tasks Suggestions

We provide HR services to our clients and each time a client has a new hire or a terminated employee, there are several tasks we much do for these employees. Each client has different tasks usually about ten) associated with new hires/terms. We will typically have about 20-50 employees per day spread among the various clients. My hope was to do one import for all new hires and one for all terms, creating new projects for each employee using a project template for the tasks associated with the client. However I am learning that I cant import to multiple projects, so I may have to manually create the projects for each employee. I am a new user so I am learning as I go which is time consuming ! Does anybody have any thoughts on the most efficient way to handle this in ASANA? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If I understand correctly, when one of your clients has a new hire or terminate someone, they have a list of things they need to do, and this list is different from client to another? Why a series of templates like “Termination at client X” “Hire at client Y” does not work?

HI. I am new to Asana an dam curious as to how you are using it to complete your tasks? I am in teh IT dept. for our company and we are responsible for setting up IT/system related accounts for each job role.
I am looking at the New Hire Checklist but am struggling with the big picture of how to use it; do I create a New Hire Checklist template for each role, one checklist for all roles with tasks and subtasks?
What would you recommend?

I’d say you can create an HR team, and inside create one New Hire Checklist per role, make them each a template, and then when you hire someone create a project based on the correct template! Does it help?

Hi @Brett_Hybner, welcome to the Community Forum!

We have an article with tips and best practices to create an onboarding project in Asana:

I also recommend you to check the section Ways to use Asana in our Guide.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.