Recurring Tasks & Subtasks due date not updating


We’ve been having a lot of trouble with recurring top level tasks and the subtasks that belong to them. We’ve noticed that when a top level task that is set as recurring is “marked complete”, the new task generates as expected, but the updated subtasks generate under the now completed task. What is the recommendation for setting up recurring tasks that have subtasks in such a way that the top level task date updates and the subtasks migrate and those due dates update as well?

Thank you!

Hi @Danae_Bowers, thanks for reaching out!

When completing a recurring parent task that has subtask, the subtasks will generate under the new, incomplete parent task but the due date of the subtasks will not update automatically. This is currently an expected behaviour.

Hopefully this is something our Product team update in the future. I’ll keep you posted if any changes are made! :slight_smile:

You basically combined the two most complex stuff in Asana at the moment: recurring tasks and subtasks :sweat_smile: If possible, try to remove the recurring from the equation by creating several tasks in advance. There are tricks to generate many identical tasks quite easily.


@Rebecca_McGrath If the top level task is set as recurring, but the subtasks aren’t, when we complete a subtask it is creating a new one under the incomplete top level task (like in the screenshot I posted) - is that expected behavior? It’s very messy because of course we’d complete subtasks before the top level task is complete, but then duplicate subtasks are now populating on the old task instead of the new.

Thanks for getting back to me, @Danae_Bowers. This is not expected behaviour! Would you be able to provide me with a screencast of the issue occurring? This way I can escalate if needed :slight_smile:

Hi @Danae_Bowers, I can’t speak to this particular bug, but you might want to consider using a template task for this kind of thing. See Introducing templates, for Tasks! You will have to create a new task each time, but a template allows you to do so with a single click, and it avoids issues of whether subtasks are completed or not.

Just in case it helps!


We have the same issue in our organization with a major monthly deliverable. I really hope this is an issue that Asana resolves. It is very frustrating and seems illogical that a recurring head task doesn’t feed into the subtask dates.