Recurring Tasks Stopped Recurring suddenly


I have used the recurring tasks for a couple of months now, with little issues. Starting yesterday, when I complete a recurring task (set to repeat weekly on Mon through Fri), it doesn’t not recur for the next date. I have not made any changes to Asana, or those tasks before this issue started. Some of the task, but certainly not all, were not completed yesterday, so they still had a due date of yesterday. That however is not something new. I have completed past due tasks before, as many as a few days past due, and they just continue to recur for the next day until I complete them up to the current date. Example, if its Thursday but the recurring task still had not been completed on Monday: I click complete, and it recurs for Tuesday. Then I complete that one, and it updates to Wednesday… so on and so forth.)


Ah, sorry @Jon_McKinney. We had a production incident that precipitated us shutting down some of the processes that run in the background (that is, on their own time, not in connection with your activity on your browser) and recurring tasks are one of those. All of our background jobs should be fully caught up by now, and I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience!