Recurring tasks - over 12 months & over 1 year

Ah okay sure then I recommend upvoting on the existing thread I sent

We have a need to repeat tasks every 3 years. Can we simply get add a years option to the custom repeat area?

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Thanks @Brie_Chapa ! I second this need.

Looks like it is also here to upvote: Recurring tasks - over 12 months & over 1 year - #2 by Frank_Arnold

I take that back - I think the Matt Rose and Frank Arnold threads have been combined. But they were coming up separate in the search.

Going on 5 years after this feature was originally requested with no result or even projected date of launch? Looks like it would benefit a few people/organizations… but no? No. K. I’ll check back in another 5. Thanks?

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Desperately needed.

Hello all, first and foremost, I’m sorry if this thread is covered elsewhere… don’t hesite to link this to another thread.

I would like to know if it’s possible to have reccuring tasks but instead of a year, over multiple years? ie; using one project in Asana as a Software Licensing Renewals and some softwares are due only in 3 years instead of one.

Right now, we seem to have only one option available over reccuring tasks; which is a year.


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Correct currently this isn‘t possible yet. There is indeed an existing feedback request thread so I have merged your post.
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