Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day

This feature is essential to the workflow of my organization. We are member facing and so many of our initiatives are comprised of recurring meetings on a set day of the month, not date of the month. Organizing our workflow around these meetings - pre-meeting, action, post-meeting - is essential to the success of our initiatives. We would really benefit from the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th day of the week/month feature. The existing functionality of Recurring does not meet our needs. Using date ranges also does not meet our needs as it is not precisely aligned with when the meeting actually occurs. Thank you for your swift consideration of adding this feature!


Please advise the status of this missing feature.

The fact that we’re not able to schedule a recurring task for the first Monday of the month or the third Wednesday, is detrimental to our team’s productivity… and now it’s impacting our bottom line.

We switched to Asana from a competitor to save on costs. Any cost savings our company may have seen have now been absorbed by paying our staff for their additional time spent managing a project management tool.

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This needs to happen yesterday. I can’t believe that this suggestion is over 3 years old.


YES! Please make this happen. I want to like Asana, but the lack of this feature is a hair puller!

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I like this idea. I like to add another level to it. Many (like me) are working in companies that work with a fiscal calendar (for instance with 4 equal quarters of 4/4/5 week months). Obviously many monthly recurring tasks. It would be stellar if we could add that feature to recurring tasks.

There is actually a workaround that I use often, and that is set up a meeting with the same fiscal day of the fiscal month, recurring every 13 weeks, and then do that 3 months in a row (so there are meetings in Jan, Feb, Mar, all on same fiscal day, recurring every 13 weeks). This would be real cool as well if not for the fact that the maximum recurring time in Asana is not 13 weeks, but 12 (…really)

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I am shocked that Asana doesn’t have this feature yet. Every other calendar I use has this feature. I don’t want to have to change to another platform because of something so simple, but I schedule so many things for the first Monday or the second Wednesday of the month that it’s frustrating to always do it manually.

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