Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day

The workaround would be to recur on the first day and then manually reassign to the correct due date. That involves a few more clicks though.

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It also bypasses the point of having a task management system that automatically raises tasks to be done at the right date! Should we add another recurring Asana task telling us to go through all the tasks which have the wrong date and manually correct them?!

I think it’s quite shocking that Asana is adding all kinds of glossy updates (some of which are steps backward, like the new list view) while not developing this very basic feature of every other task/project management system I have ever come across.


Yes PLEASE. This would be huge.

I would also love it if all recurring tasks showed up at the same time, not just after I have completed the current task. I understand that this might be overwhelming and unsightly for some users, but I would find it really helpful. I would love to be able to look ahead to December (our busy month), and see “oh no, our retail inventory is scheduled for the same week as a big event, I will have to move the retail inventory up a week instead.”

Remember The Milk offers great flexibility that could provide a basis for design:

Repeats: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/AfterCompletion
Every: [e.g. 1] month(s)
On: Day [e.g. 7] OR The [last/first/second/third/fourth] [Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Day/Weekday/Weekend day]
Ends: Never OR After [e.g. 12] times OR On [Date]


Here’s another thread requesting the same feature: Repeating task - support for day of week in monthly recurring - #4 by Devon_Thurtle_Anders

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+1 Please add this! I had another thread requesting this, but it was not as popular as this one, so I’m adding my vote here too.


Come on, Asana! Please get this done!! Seriously, it would be very helpful.


Agreed. This is a feature that is available in Google Calendar and seems like it would be fairly easy to implement given all of the examples out there in other task management systems. Would be a huge help since some tasks can only be done on certain days of the week / weekend.

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I can’t believe that a product as robust as Asana does not provide this functionality. This has to be a simple implementation on the back-end?

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Another feature to add are tasks that take place specific days of the week and other days the next week. In my project, we have a task that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays one week but on Mondays and Wednesdays the week after.

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Hi there! I’d also like to vote to please add this feature. We have a recurring task that is the first Monday of each month, but again as everybody notes here, there is no option for that. If this has been resolved and I’m just not aware of it, please let me know! (Or if there’s a work-around.) Thank you!


Is there any update on this feature request? We REALLY need this function as where I have a reoccuring task every month, it might end up on a weekend and not a weekday.

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Hello all,

Our office is open Monday through Friday and closed on weekends. The issue I am having is if I have a monthly task assigned for the 1st of each month, there are times where the 1st falls on a weekend and if that happens I would like my notification to happen the earliest business day prior, say the 31st was the Friday before the 1st, in this instance I would need to finish my task on the 31st and not the 1st as we are closed on the day the task repeats monthly.

Is there an ability that lets me apply logic to repeating tasks to know our hours of operation? For now all I can seem to do it create 12 tasks for the year with specific dates where I organize when the 1st of each month is and adjust times accordingly, depending if the 1st is on a weekend or not.



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There’s a similar thread here, if you wanted to add your vote:


I work different days on different projects, so it’s really important to be able to schedule tasks on specific days, but currently you can only set tasks to repeat on dates, which means I have to manually change each month’s tasks back to the day I need.

I’ve contacted Asana and they say there are no plans to introduce this, which I find incredible. Looking back through the forums I see this has been requested before. Other apps I use are able to offer this facility so why is Asana not able to?

I really hope Asana will be able to introduce this, it would really help!

Anyone else have the same issues?

Thanks! :crossed_fingers::blush:

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What about setting your tasks to repeat weekly? You can choose on which day of the week you want the task to repeat and you can also set an interval: every 1, 2, 3,…X weeks!

Would that help?

That’s ok for weekly scheduling but doesn’t work if I want to schedule a task for say the third Tuesday every month. I tend to do a lot of monthly or quarterly schedules.


Got it @Joy_Tubby! Thank you for the clarification.

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I agree, it makes no sense not to have this basic feature. Asana has added so many bells and whistles in the years since this was first requested but not this really standard functionality. It’s a real shame. Asana is great for me except for this glaring and inexplicable omission.