Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day

Currently, when scheduling a recurring task, you have the option to recur on a specific day of the month. It would be helpful to be able to schedule a certain day of the month. Example: First Monday or Third Wednesday. Sometimes it’s not the actual date but timing within the month that a task is associated with.


What is the status of this feature request? I have a number of tasks whose due date depends on an event that recurs monthly in this pattern. Calendar apps have had this feature for years and it would be great if Asana did too. Thanks!


If Asana had this feature it would become my default tool for all of my projects. I also have a number of recurring tasks that use this type of pattern. Having to check the date on the task every month for each task would be a hassle.


It’s really awkward to have to repeat monthly tasks on (for example) the 5th of each month, as that can fall on any day of the week.

In business reality, monthly tasks tend to be done on the first Monday or the 3rd Tuesday, for example, to align them to an approximate time of the month and also a day of the week that makes sense.


Still no response.

As stated by all above, the ability to appoint certain days in a month (first Monday, second Thursday, third Friday, etc) will lift Asana from being “I aspire to be a business tool.” to “I’m making it as a business tool!

Please flag this feature request for ASAP implementation!


This feature would be extremely helpful!

I regularly have meetings that are scheduled for the like the 1st Wednesday of the month and lots of tasks associated with prep and follow up that would be great to set to automatically repeat each month on this schedule.

One complicating factor, though:
Say I have a meeting on the first Wednesday of the month. I will have a series of follow up tasks to do the next day. However, setting those tasks for the first Thursday of the month isn’t quite right–the first Wednesday of the month could be the 7th of the month, and then Thursday (when I need to do the follow up tasks) is really the 8th of the month–which is NOT the first Thursday.

So, it would be great to have more complex settings than just “1st Thursday of the month” such as “# days before/after the first Wednesday of the month.”

If I have a meeting on the 1st Wednesday of the month, my tasks could look something like:
Make/send out agenda for meeting. Recurs 2 days before the 1st Wednesday of the month.
Set up room for meeting. Recurs 1st Wednesday of the month.
Send follow-up email. Recurs 1 day after the 1st Wednesday of the month.

Right now, I need to set all of these dates manually every month, which is a pain.


another vote for this feature!!!


YES, please please add this feature.

Options could include:

Xth day of the month (i.e., 17th, 2nd, etc.)

Xth week day (every Tuesday, second Thursday, etc.)

Every X days (every 30 days)

In addition to this, you need to be able to schedule due date in relation to other tasks, such as X days before/after “ABC Task.” This would update dynamically if the related task’s due date changes.


Yes, please!


Would also like this feature.


For the type of work I do, this is a necessity. It would be great if I could set things to the second Sunday of every month or every 6 months on the third Tuesday of the month.
Please, please, please Asana add this to your program.


Yes, please - critical feature


Another vote for most recurring task options, i.e. 1st Monday of each month. Many of my tasks recur in this way – not date specific – and I would love Asana SO much more if I could use it in this way to schedule those recurring tasks. Seems like a minor upgrade … please, Asana?? Thank you!


Adding my voice to this feature. GMail does this elegantly, shouldn’t be too difficult to copy!


This is essential in our office too. Having to use google for our “time” calendar and asana for our “tasks” calendar. I’d like it all in asana!




I agree, I love Asana, but this is a really awkward idiosyncrasy of the current implementation. I frequently need to set recurring tasks for the 1st Sunday or 2nd Wednesday of the month, etc. but that is not possible currently. :frowning:


Yes to this! I really want this feature. I have lots of tasks i want to recur on a certain day/week each month ie 2nd friday of the month and not having this feature is really annoying and means I have to use other programs.


I would love this feature. I have meetings that occur on a certain day and would like to set up recurring reminders to prepare for that. Please can you make this an option for us Asana?


This would be so helpful!