Recurring Tasks no Date


I don’t know if this is something common people would need. But we have a lot of “on-going” type tasks, that don’t necessarily need to regenerate with a date. But I do want them to regenerate with the same parameters in terms of custom fields, assignee, etc. I’m basically looking for any way to save my users from having to either copy a task which is slow and too many clicks, or from having to create a new task and then re-setting metadata (custom fields, etc).

Again, the functionality would just be to “set task to repeat on completion” and it would auto regenerate without any date.


Thanks for the feedback @Francesco_Alessi! We’re always working on improving performances, so hopefully copying large tasks will become quicker in the future :slight_smile:


If it were available I would Use this feature extensively. I’m talking about many times on each working day. Can you please get this into the pipeline for future development?