Recurring Tasks Links

It would be great if when you closed a recurring task and the new one was created, it had a small link in the description to the last completed task.

Occasionally when we are in the most recent incomplete version of a task a quick link to the last time it was completed would help as there’s usually comments that help with knowing where we are with the most recent one.

Hi @Brandon_Caballero1 and welcome to the forum,

This link is actually already available on the recurring task instance: in the Comments on the new instance, you’ll find the comment “John Smith duplicated task from Task A” where “Task A” shows the name of and is a hyperlink to the last instance.


Great tip @Phil_Seeman, learned something new about Asana today. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this to Tips and Tricks as it apparently already is a feature.


I was aware of this for some tasks that we use as ‘templates’ outside of normal template feature but never thought of using this for what I just requested. Thanks for the tip @Phil_Seeman!