Recurring tasks in the Later Section

There should be a setting to define (in terms of number of days) what is “Upcoming” and what is “Later”. For people 1 week would be upcoming, and 1 week + would be later… others might want to keep it a month.

Based on this setting, Asana should automatically categorize tasks as Now, Upcoming, Later. The need to manually change this category, makes it less useful. If you have 100s of tasks across various projects, it is practically waste of time to go thru all the tasks every singe day and change its category manually, defeats the whole purpose.

Once such setting is in place, then no need for this automation (Recurring task in Later Section). A recurring task could be daily (which means it should be in “Now” section or it can be a weekly or monthly or yearly… a yearly task should go in later.

So I think this automation is not needed if task due date level automation is done.

I like it when reoccurring tasks go to the Later section when I complete them. However, after they are completed, I think they should be eligible to move into the Upcoming section. This way, it’s out of the way for the day but can come into focus when it needs to.

When I turned this on, it placed many many (maybe all?) tasks (most of which were completed) in “Later”. BUT none of these tasks are recurring tasks!, not sure what went wrong.

I just want to make sure I understand here.

If this hack is turned off, are all tasks that have a recurring date attached to them always supposed to go to upcoming instead of later?
The reason I ask is because I have been trying to use the “upcoming” section as a place for all of the tasks that have dates and “later” as a place for all the tasks that don’t. It seems though, that if a task is due more than a month out, it’s put in the later section no matter what.

My issue altogether is that I would want a view with three sections. One for the tasks I have marked for “Today”, one more all the tasks that have a due date attached, and one for all the tasks that have no due date attached. This way I can see what I want to do that day by what I’ve personally marked, what needs to be done soon, and then what I can work on when I have free time. I had thought turning this hack off (which btw, I had turned on right when I got Asana so I am unfamiliar with how the app should work without) would be the solution, but it look not.

This is great