Recurring tasks in the Later Section

Please use this thread to give us any feedback you might have regarding the “Recurring Tasks in Later” hack

I will be enabling that Hack Asap… Will keep you up to date @Marie

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Hello, I actually have this hack ‘unchecked/off’, but all my recurring tasks keep going to the later section instead of the upcoming section. Any thoughts?

Hi @Pachia_Moua :wave:t3:

When are these recurring tasks due? If they’re due within a week, it would make sense to see them going to the “UPcoming” section rather than “Later”

Keep us posted!


The recurring tasks are due in the middle of the month every month. Oher tasks are every quarter and/or yearly.

It doesn’t make sense why the recurring task would go into the “Later” section because the description under this hack uses the term “always”.Capture

My interpretation of this description would indicate that the recurring task will always go to the upcoming section regardless of due date if the hack is off. Thoughts?

My mistake, you’re completely right @Pachia_Moua; I’ve just run a test with a task repeating every day and I can confirm that on my end, the new task automatically lands into the “Later” Section.

Could you please report this bug in #bugs:report-a-bug so we can start investigating?

Many thanks for your help and patience @Pachia_Moua, really appreciate it!

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Hi, I’d really like to set recurring tasks based on the day and week, rather than the date- for example: “Set to: the last Wednesday of the month”, this would be very helpful!

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My subtasks are still showing up as “New Tasks”; any thoughts?

Hi @nathan.g, can you please share more info? New Task is usually the default name when creating a task, have you tried to rename your subtask?

In “My Tasks”, these 2 tasks are subbullets of a daily recurring task that doesn’t get a blue dot. How do I get these tasks to automatically have a value instead of the blue dot?

hi @Marie, is there anything I should do about this?

Hi @nathan.g and apologies for the disconnect;

Just to make sure I get this right, when you say “by How do I get these tasks to automatically have a value instead of the blue dot?”, do you mean you’d like to see custom fields for these tasks? If not, what do you mean by value? As it stands, custom fields are only available in Project view, which means you can’t see them in My Tasks. if this is something you’d like to advocate for, feel free to add your vote on this other thread: Custom Fields in My Tasks

Hi @Marie,

To clarify, under “My Tasks”, you can see a “New Tasks” section for all tasks not marked “Today”, “Upcoming”, or “Later.” By “value”, I mean I want recurring subtasks to automatically be assigned one of these 3 values.


Got it, thanks for the additional information Nathan.

Could you please share a screenshot of one of your subtask details?



Thanks Nathan, I see what’s happening here.

Your parent task is set to repeat, but not the subtasks themselves, which explains why they are treated as new tasks every time the parent task repeats. There is unfortunately no easy workaround for this and it is certainly something we should improve in the future! Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us, we really do appreciate it!

Same issue as Nathan. In general the hack seems to work, but subtasks appear in ‘New’ instead of in ‘Later’.

It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard for the software to categorize these. At the point when the parent task is completed and restarts at a later date, the same process that dumps the subtasks into new tasks could look and see if these are subtasks of a repeating task, and if the hack is enabled, and if both are true, put them in the ‘Later’ section.

Yes, this makes more sense then moving it to Later section

I would love to be able to control the flow of my feed. I really don’t like the section headings that are permanent and that I can’t completely stop recurring tasks from going to sections that I didn’t create. From my research, it looks like you used to be able to rename them or delete and I’d love to have more freedom with that.

Personally - I don’t want them to move anywhere. I keep a section in the “My Tasks” section where I can see all my recurring tasks. So I can keep them together.

I spend a lot of time organizing “My Tasks” to how I like them, and it is annoying when the system overrides any of that.