Recurring tasks are regenerating incorrectly (seems to be in wrong timezone)

I was working from Thailand, I’m now back in the UK.

It’s just gone 5pm here and all of my tomorrow tasks have regenerated.

They seem to be aware that the time is for the UK, because the date field says “tomorrow” in them.

But at 5pm it has just turned midnight in Thailand, so it seems to be running it on that schedule.

My system clock has recognised that I’m in the UK time now.

I’m not sure where it is in Chrome browser but Toggl has autodetected that I’m now back in UK time zone.

I couldn’t see any exposed setting for timezones in Asana.

Hi @Matthew_Harris,

Sounds like this could be a cache issue. Could you please try clearing your cache?

Hello @Matthew_Harris, I just wanted to check if you had an update for me? Keep me posted :slight_smile:

its still happening. I have rebooted the computer. Toggl had got a bit stuck with the timezones until I rebooted during one of the recent country changes.

At the moment its still failing. I am planning to test it in a different browser profile but haven’t done yet. I don’t really want to clear my cache. I’m a web developer and I have lots of stuff in memory. Nuking everything is something that I haven’t had to do for years now, usually force refresh with the dev tools is enough to clear out an individual site.

I am curious what your thinking is though, is this just a generic bit of advice or is there a reason? I would have thought that the tasks are generated on the server side, aren’t they?

I’ve just done a devtools open ctrl-r refresh on both asana tabs. We will see if it it still happens at 5pm uk time today.

I’m not as technical as you @Matthew_Harris :wink: but I just wanted to cover the basics first. If you could try from another browser or another session that would be helpful.

If the issue persist, could you please send me:

  1. Screenshots illustrating the issue
  2. URL of the tasks affected in case our team need to take a look into them


This is one of the tasks that recurres each day, and is now regenerating at 4pm.

The screenshot shows that my today is populated with all my tasks for tomorrow, which it knows are for tomorrow, although its only 4pm uk time.

Thank you for the additional information, @Matthew_Harris, I’m reaching out to our Developers about this and will get back to you as soon as I have an update :slight_smile: