Recurring tasks and subtask dates

+1 to this, would be a good new feature

How is this still not solved? Recurring master tasks with lagging subtasks - why? Defies the recurring purpose no?

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Chimming in on this as well.
I have recurring tasks set up for each month that have subtasks with their own deadlines.
Once you complete the main task and it populates the next task for the next ocurrence, all the subtasks have the same due date as the original task.
I even tried to set all the subtasks to recurring yearly tasks as well and tested it out and it does that same thing.

We recently downsized and we were hopeful that recurring tasks could take over some of the repetitive scheduling work of monthly recurring projects. We’re pretty disappointed to see that subtasks don’t correctly ripple out based on the master task. I’m now further disappointed to see this has been an outstanding issue for 4 years.

Honestly, what is the point of the recurring task feature if it doesn’t function this way? The beauty of it (in theory) is that you can greatly streamline repetitive work with minimal PM or Admin effort from a person. Also, if the recurring tasks can extrapolate the due dates, is it really that hard for the subtasks to follow suit? Maybe it is, but it seems like it could have been resolved sometime in 4 years. Again, if it doesn’t function this way, what is the point? It’s a feature with massive potential that seemingly shoots itself in the foot just short of fulfilling its potential. I don’t get it. :triumph:

Agreed, this must get fixed. Click up and Toodledo (dead product now) all have had this figured out for a long time. Any input Asana?

I have an issue with reoccurring to, we manage construction. Our recurring tasks include a monthly site visit. However, this does not show the recurring task on the calendar. so we cant plan ahead for future tasks.

How do we see reoccurring tasks in the calendar view?

I agree that it seems strange for subtasks to simply be copied on the recurring task (so the assignee, due date, and completion status are all copied – meaning your recurring task will be renewed, but the subtasks will likely be complete, assigned, and due in the past).

Setting that aside, can you have recurring tasks with the new task templates?