Recurring task retains 'task progress' and limited scheduling options

@Shannon_Masterson technically the Asana-created object you are referring to is indeed a Custom Field.

If I understand your issue, one thing you can do is set a rule so that when a new task (ones created when a recurring task is completed as well) the Task Progress is set to “blank”.

As for the flexibility with recurring tasks, I would suggest upvoting this post: Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day

I believe this thread aligns with your request. Including a 13th week would be the same as setting the recurrence to every 3 months IF you could select specific days of the week. Currently with the monthly recurrence you can’t control whether the task falls on a work day or not which is specifically what the other thread targets.

Also, yeah, the date picker changed a bit but I don’t believe any functionality was taken away.

@Emily_Roman might also merge your post with the thread I mentioned above if she agrees the request is similar enough.

Hope this helps!

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