Recurring Projects containing recurring tasks



We have a number of projects, including tasks, that repeat monthly. At the moment we can’t set a due date on those tasks if we use a Project Template. To manage that we have to use another system. It would be awesome if Asana could figure out a way to setup a recurring project that can contain tasks that also recur each month. For example
Niche Company Monthly Jobs. The project is created each month and within the project there is a list of tasks we do each month. For example

  1. 5/10/18 GST Return due
  2. 12/10/18 Pay wages
  3. 15/10/18 Complete Bank Reconciliation and so on
    When these tasks are ticked off they should not regenerate in the October job as they’ve already been done

When I create the new project for the month of November I want the tasks to be the same but with the November dates

  1. 5/11/18 GST Return due
  2. 12/11/18 Pay wages
  3. 15/11/18 Complete Bank Reconciliation and so on


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