Recurring due date issue


ASANA does not allow repeating due dates past 12 months. We frequently have tasks due every 14-18 months. Also, the “Periodically” option only allows 30 days after completion. We need an option to select 90-120 days after completion because this is more specific and accurate over the “Monthly” option.


Hi @Jonathan_Douglass! Not sure why Asana doesn’t allow these kind of timelines and I am having similar problems when trying to integrate the bigger projects into the Asana sphere.

However, if you have tasks that only repeat every 14-18 months, couldn’t you also just do this manually? As in, does it make sense to have this repeat? Usually I use repeating tasks because it would be a hastle to recreate them every day or week. If they take this long to repeat, I usually just add them manually.

Also, couldn’t you implement a subtask which simply states “schedule next event” to work around this for now?