Record custom fields in history (prevent history from being deleted)

I have set up Custom Fields

  • Estimated Hours
  • Actual Hours

I need my staff to be able to acurately enter the amount of hours we think it is going to take to complete a task and once complete, to add the actual hours.

I need need to create some form of automation that will deduct the actual hours from a spreadsheet report that we need to send onto the client of work done.

This I think we can do with Integromat which I can take up with their team.

By default, it looks like staff can delete history records from a task which I would like to prevent because we outsource some of our work and we need a record of what the outsourced company said about how long they think something is going to take.

Is there a way to record the custom fields in the history and is there a way to prevent people from deleting that information please?

Thank you

Attachment to show Custom Fields and history I don’t want to have deleted

Hi @James29, thanks for reaching out - great question!

Changes of custom fields are included in the task history, along with the time this was done and by which user. However, it is not currently possible edit the permissions for deleting/updating task history. I can certainly see why this would be useful! :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post over to the Product Feedback category where others will be able to upvote your suggestion! I hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

Thank you Rebecca.

Where do I find that link please?

I’ve moved your post on your behalf so the link the same for this thread:


thank you!

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