Recommended Browser?


Yesterday we had a meeting and a few people had Asana open on their machines. It was the weirdest thing, the same screen looked completely different of the different machines.

We noticed that some were one Edge, Firefox and some on Chrome. Task dates and section headings were the ones most influenced. On the one screen the sections we populated by tasks, on the other the tasks were at the top and the sections were empty.

Then, when you tried to move the tasks to the sections - the dates erased? We soon realised to just stop before we broke all the work done on the dates and details of the tasks.

Do you have a specific browser that will display it as it should be? We’ll move, because currently it’s a mess.


Hi @Reinard_Bekker! :wave:

Sorry to hear you were experiencing some issues. Let me see if we can work together on it.

Asana currently works with the latest versions of:

If you are currently using one of these browsers and you are still experiencing what you have described I would recommend you to try these steps to see if it solves the issue:

I hope it helps Reinard but please let me know if you need further assistance! Have a great day!


@Reinard_Bekker, and @Natalia,

I think what you experienced was not related to the different browsers used but rather the fact that users were employing different settings for their views.

Compare each user’s settings in the first heading line and each one’s choice of columns to view in the second heading line here:


In particular, when dates got removed that was likely due to drag and drop when the view was sorted by date.

If you make all these settings be the same, you may still be left with some minor display differences among different browsers, but they will be cosmetic, not as material as what you’re describing, I believe.

Hope that might help,