Recognize Archived Projects at a Glance



Hi Everyone :wave:

I’m Kayla, an Asana User Operations Specialist.

If anyone is like me, you star a Project that you need for a few weeks then forget to remove it when you’re finished… and it get’s archived… and suddenly you have 30 Projects in your sidebar, half of which have been archived.

Well, now our awesome design team has a solution: a small style change to brighten the text in your sidebar not only improves legibility and hierarchy of the navigation in the sidebar, but also indicates which Projects are active and which are archived (they’ll be gray).

Let us know what you think!

  • I can see the light and I love it!
  • Does the sidebar come with sunglasses?
  • Something changed?

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Nice change. But, there’s no real indication to users what the difference is. I would suggest that the tooltip also indicates an Archived project. Eg. From “This is your project name” to “This is your project name (Archived Project)”


It was jarring to get an update like that and not have an explanation for it pop up like you do sometimes. I think it’s a fine solution, just takes some getting used to as it was quite the contrast for my eyes to adjust to.