Recent bad changes


I wanted to report that recent Asana changes are very bad for productivity.

The way you manage section with strong links between tasks and sections is a real mess. It was way more powerful as it was before. Also the new split between list - columns / task detail views is bad. It was also way better before.

I’ve been supporting all Asana changes for years but this time it’s really painful to use, especially the strong link between sections and tasks. We also preferred to be able to create sections using “:”.

Please revert your changes, it’s simply not user friendly.

Kind regards,


Hi @Jerome3 and thanks for your feedback! My apologies for the trouble over the last couple of weeks, we’ve changes quite a few things, and we’re aware it can take some time to get used to it.

As for your feedback, I’d recommend commenting on existing threads or creating one thread per feedback as it makes it easier for users to support your ideas and for us to follow up on it.

Have a great day!