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Very simple question likely answered by others, but i can’t seem to find an answer…

How can i view a list of all recent comments by any person in my organization for any project?

There must be some simple answer here. The specific use case is that people in my organization may post comments on a task and not tag me. i want to be able to review a list of all recent comments across any project…easily.

How can this be done?

Welcome, @Greg_Gantzer,

The closest to your request, I think, would be an Advanced Search (requires any Asana paid plan) and using the only criterion of Modification date in the last n days/weeks/months:

You could also leverage Add filter > People > Commented on by > and type in the special value “Not me” to further restrict the search.

Hope that helps,


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Good morning Greg,
I’ve leveraged the Advance Search feature, Commented on by. Here’s a link you can reference as well regarding Search and Search Views. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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@Amanda_Rodriguez, Thanks; I’ve updated my post and noted that using the special value “Not me” would be required here (as well as restricting the search to account for the request for recent activity).

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This is very helpful, thank you.

Question: As far as “Modification date”, is a task considered “modified” if a comment has been added but the nothing else related to the task has been changed, such as its title, due date or description?

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Thanks, @Greg_Gantzer.

Any change to the task updates the modification date (comment, description, etc.). You can toggle on the Modified on column in My Tasks or any project and test this yourself to see.


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