Receiving the same email multiple times.

My colleague keeps receiving the same email 3 times. I have sent an email to an external client and cc’d in the project email name yet my colleague has received the same email 3 times. How can this be prevented? Thanks Ian

Welcome to the Forum @ian_innerd and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Can you please confirm if the email you have sent sent included any attachments? As it stands, when emailing a task to Asana, any file that has been attached will be also attached to the Asana task. This action will trigger a new email notifications to all collaborators informing a new attachment has been added.

Please note that you will receive a new notification for each attachment and I’m afraid this is currently the expected behaviour.

Additionally, if an email signature is constructed from .jpg files, Asana will interpret and include it as an attachment to the task as well. This could also explain the reason why your colleague is receiving several email notification for the same task.

In this case, I would recommend you to either delete the email signature before sending the message to Asana, or to construct a signature out of HTML links to images online, rather than from .jpg files.

I hope this helps Ian! Looking forward to your reply!