Receiving tasks via email from non-project members

Is there a way to allow non-members of a project to send an email to add a task to a project? I’ve got a team of people I only want to send an email with some story ideas and have those added as a task. But, I don’t want them to have access to the project in Asana… just send their email.

Thank you.

Anyone with the asana email can send in an email. But that could be a challenge getting someone outside to send emails to a random email.

  1. You could set up a web form that will send the response to your asana email.

  2. If you have the ability to create email accounts. Like and filter it to go to the asana email.

  3. Google form submission or another custom API solution.

Hi @Brian16 and welcome to the Forum!:wave:

As it stands, it is no possible to create a Task by email if you are not a member or guest of the Project.

Li @Cary mentioned, one workaround could be creating an email account set up to create Tasks in that particular Project every time this account receives an email. It is called Auto-Forward Emails and you can learn how to do it in the following article:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions! Have a great Friday!