Receiving alerts


Is it possible to have Asana alert you somehow when you have a task that it is almost time for? For example, if I put in a task for a meeting at 3pm today, can Asana alert me at like 2:30pm to remind me?


Nope not yet but you can create a connection between your Calendar and Asana Calendar, that might do the trick!

Asana consultant, author and developer


A topic is opened to get notifications at due time, you can vote for it here:


Unfortunately that doesn’t work either. I synced one of my projects to my Outlook calendar, but it makes it an all day event, and I tried changing it and adding the correct time, but it told me I could not change this Read Only event.

This is a bummer!! Maybe this is something Asana can develop??? I really don’t want to have to use 2 calendars.