Receive an email for product updates

Guys we would like to receive an email for all new updates. It is not good to go around a forum to look what has been launched.

It will be better to receive them BEFORE they are implemented, to prepare the team and also the workflow.

Thank you!

Hi @IvanStaykov!

Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us! As it stands, we don’t share our roadmap publicly (you can learn more in this post) but I would highly encourage you to follow our #community-forum-announcements category in the Forum. This way you’ll be automatically notified every time we announce our latest product launches and updates (we usually announce them as soon as we start rolling out). To follow this category, you simply need to click on the bell that appears on the right side and choose the your preferred option.

I would also recommend you to check on our Release notes, we publish these every month and they could be useful if you haven’t discovered all product updates in-product.

As this post is not directly related to a feature request in Asana I’ve gone ahead and move it to the #tipsandtricks category.

Have a great week Ivan!