Real time, two way Calendar integration


Take a look at Reddi Apps from @Maggie_Reddi . Her team took my input for what we needed and rapidly built a solution for bi-way Asana/Gcal integration that served our needs. They were really responsive and open to input. Wish I could say the same for Asana.


I really miss Sunrise Calendar that had proper 2-way syncing up until Microsoft bought them and closed down the app.
Does anyone know of a good desktop and/or mobile app that supports 2-way syncing between Asana & Google Calendar?


@Hans_Rippel Check out Real time, two way Calendar integration


@Seth Thank you for that suggestion. The one part that rubs me the wrong way is the price, especially when I compared the value (utility/price) of Asana to third party tools. Then I’d prefer paying Asana more rather than paying other more than Asana themselves who provide most of the utility.


@Mike_Langellier Yes fantastic integration here by @Maggie_Reddi . Works flawlessly and very reasonably priced.

Outlook Calendar & Asana

This is 100% necessary. Please make this happen.


I found a google apps script that says it will update an ics calendar every x minutes… maybe take a look at this? I am going to try it soon…


Just signed up for Project Buddy. More money for @Maggie_Reddi. Asana team, do you hear us yet?


We hear you @James_Salerno and rest ensured that I’m keeping a close eye on this thread. I don’t have any update to share at the moment, but will make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have any!


This would be a great feature to roll out and makes it easier to recommend Asana to clients. In the meantime Reddiapps will just keep earning a little extra from me each month. That solution works great and @Maggie_Reddi is great with customer support when needed


Hi david, did you have a chance to test the script? Does it work?


haven’t had time to try it yet… anyone else try it?


This is a promising 2 way intgration sync less clumsy than zapier. Giving it a shot!!!

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This does not sync tasks with no project, which makes it unuseful for “my tasks”. Unless a dummy project is used for “my tasks”