Re-assign or Completed?

Hi everyone,
We have a discussion in our team about setting a task as Completed. Imagine: I assign a task to a team member (write a piece of content). After the task is completed I want to (probably) check if I’m ok with the proposed content. So, finally it’s me who decides when the task is really finished. I don’t want to create 2 tasks (one for the team member and then a (dependent) task for me - too much overhead.
So what’s the best way for me to keep an eye on this? Have the team member set the task to Completed (and what is the best way for me to get notified about that)? Of have the team member re-assign the task to me? Who has experience with this? :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth… I wonder if the “Create Follow-Up task” to the task with a due date of x number of days after current task’s due date would be an efficient use? (The follow-up task could be in a private To-Do project for yourself?)

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Hey @Frank_Sonck

One solution could be to use project sections/columns. You could have “New”/“In progress” or similar for new tasks, when the team member has done their bit they move it to a section/column called “Review”/“Draft” (again, or similar). You then mark complete once you have done your bit. You will receive a notification for the move between sections/columns. You can use rules to automate things like moving the task to a completed section/column (to keep your project nice and organised).

I hope this helps!

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Hi @Frank_Sonck
Great question… Couple of options come to mind…

  1. As you assigned the task to your team member you should get a notification in your Inbox that they have completed the task. So you can then check and validate that you are happy.
  2. They could comment on the task using @ telling you that they have created the piece of content. Then complete the tasks or unassign.
  3. You could use as Custom Field to have a status which they can then update to say Content is Created etc. Or review required.
  4. You could have the Create Content tasks as being dependency on the next task in the workflow if that is you or someone else they will be notified that the task has been completed and can proceed to the next step.
  5. Asana has just added an approval task for the Business Plan and Enterprise Plan if you are on those plan you might want to have a look to see that helps for you.
  6. You could use a rule which on completion of the task it adds it to another project which you can then periodically review to ensure the quality of the content is what you where after.

Hope some of the above helps…



Thanks a lot Jason! Very complete answer. Kind regards, Frank.