Random team appearing (and unable to delete or leave)



Hi there,

I got some random group that I never add to or sign up with. I cannot find any way to leave/delete it either.

Anyone experiencing the same? How do you resolve it?


Random Shark Team???


@Long_Pham it maybe someone else in your organisation that has created the team. Have a look at your organisation profile to see who has the ability to.
Also I think the first person in the Team List is the one who created the team.
Hope that helps.



Re-uploading the image.


Hi @Long_Pham :wave:t3:

From what I’m seeing on your screenshot, it looks like you don’t belong to this Team (you would need to click on “Request to join” in the top left corner to actually join this Team. This is just a Team that was created by another member of your Organization; you can browse for new teams via your left sidebar (see screenshot attached); I believe this is how you landed on the “Shark team”.

Hope this helps but keep us posted if you have any follow-up questions!