Quit Premium right away


Hi There,
We are desperately looking to quit the Premium model for Asana downsize to the Freemium model only.
No information is available on the Asana Support.
I logged a ticket with Sales no support!
How do we quit? Change Credit card numbers?



Hi derreck,

all the information you need are here: https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/billing

May I ask why you want to downgrade? I had some colleagues who did not see the advantages of the premium version in the beginning, but when I showed them custom fields in action it changed…

Why did you switch to premium initially?


Dear Sebastian,

We are on the Annual plan so we need to reach out to Support:

Unfortunately we cannot downgrade ourselves.

The reason for downscaling is because we use different tooling and changed our workflows internally. It has nothing to do with the features in Asana itself.

Thank you so much for getting back to me or pushing this within Asana Support Team.



Hi Derreck,

even if you use different/additional tools now you can also link the tools you use via Zapier or Tray.io if this could help.

I assume, when you signed for the annual Asana plan, Asana was working great with your processes and workflows. perhaps it is easier to evaluate if your Asana use can be adapted to your new workflows instead of changing tools, this is usually a faster approach and also cheaper given that you have paid the annual plan.