Quick filters - as long as we have Custom Fields



I have posted my idea about showing only “My Tasks” in a project sorted by any custom field. I think I can generalize that suggestion more.

As long as Asana has this wonderful custom fields solution, easiness of getting advanced reports should keep up. For example, I have a Status - “To Do” and Stage - “Design” which means designer needs to see tasks filtered by these 2 fields. Advanced Search is not an answer for reasons stated in my other post (linked above) - it overrides project structure and shows you a plain list of tasks, instead of full-featured project with custom fields.

So, I think there should be Quick Filters - users should be able to create and save mini advanced searches per project.

Like you can Sort by custom fields:

Maybe same could happen with Show dropdown menu:

So, I would create custom search queries like I am adding custom fields and those would be visible in Show like custom fields are shown in Sort.