Question about setting permissions on a free plan


I work at a small nonprofit and I am currently experimenting with Asana’s free plan before deciding whether we should spring for premium. I have four summer interns starting in the next few weeks, and I’d like to experiment with Asana with them, but I’m not sure if there’s any way to restrict their access on a free plan. We are an Organization, and they will have org email addresses, which I think means that all of my projects will be available to them by default - correct? Is there any way to have them only see the projects / tasks I assign to them without upgrading to a Premium plan? Can I accomplish this somehow with Teams?


I believe you will have the controls necessary using Public and Private Projects as outlined in the Asana guide


Sorry, can you give me a little more detail? On a free plan it looks like my only options are Public and Private to Me - I can’t seem to invite members to a Private project without upgrading. Maybe my best option is to make a Staff team and put all my projects in there, and then only make projects public that I want them to have access to? Or just make all my projects private and only assign them individual tasks?


Exactly - create a Team and add your staff to that team (you can add up to 15 in the free plan). Then add a project in that team and for Privacy, select Public to that team. That will make all team members as members on that project - but you can then go into Members and Access for the project and customize the access level for specific members if you need to.


Hmm. I still don’t see how to customize access on a project within a team (it still only lets me do public to team members or private only to me). But I think it should work to create a team for Staff (i.e. full-time staff, not interns) and put all of our projects in there, and then have the interns exist in the public, non-team Organization space, and share individual tasks / make projects public as I need to. So they won’t be members of the Staff team and therefore won’t have access to anything in there unless I give it to them. Correct?


Yes! See the “How to Share a Public Project” section of the documentation page James Carl linked above. Your team members (full-time staff) will have access to all of the projects in that team; then in addition, you can add specific interns to specifics projects within that team to give them access just to that project (or add an intern as a Follower on a specific task for task-level access in a project they’re not a member of).