Question about Asana product development


I’ve been a user for a very long time, you guys made real-time user experience happens, you even develop a new language and framework for it, there was a lot of development and feature development and everything was great, but for the last 18 months nothing.

Boards are there but they seem like a very alpha product, you go over here in the forum and can see a lot of feature requests, some of them marked as “prioritized” almost a year ago with no proper update or move and the product itself has not moved in any way meaningful especially when you have lots of other services delivering features left and right.

We moved away from Basecamp over here because we needed something more as the company outgrew Basecamps very limited and opinionated way of working, we moved to your Pro version, but everytime I find myself looking on how to do something I can’t find a way to do I find it here on the forum, with conversations around it and not proper view on what / where or when will happen.

You guys have a nice, responsive product, but the lack of move forward seems like a bummer and it makes me question how serious are you guys?

Look even Quip has gone full on vitamins, it’s sad to see you guys just slowing thru :frowning:

Would be great if there was a public roadmap one could follow and know when is something happening if ever happening and get the chance for us to vote for stuff.


I think @Marie or @Alexis can provide you with a meaningful answer!


I’m new to Asana and already enjoying it but my simple browsing of the community forum over the last couple days raised the same concerns you have.


Same here Gilbert, very important notice. Our team is considering joining Asana at the moment but going through forum it seems that development is stagnant…


Did you guys check out
Also keep in mind that a lot can happen without you noticing like performance issue, stability, security… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link! A lot of improvement is happening indeed :slight_smile: I think it’s just not very well showed in community since some of very popular feature requests are here for more than a year without current status update


I think they know and are working on it, @Alexis @Marie can confirm


it’s telling the fact no one from asana has event dear to respond to this thread. I mean how many developers work on this product? the fact release notes are across the 3 platforms is even more telling. there are a lot of consumer-facing features needed, many of them suggested in this forum and with no proper suggestion of when is coming


Would be nice to have something like microsoft has for their products Office 365 Roadmap


Hi @Gilbert_Corrales - I’m glad you’re finding the forum helpful and I appreciate your questions here. Before I jump in, please note that the original thread title did not meet our Community guidelines, so I’ve changed it slightly.

As referenced above, Asana shares release notes (and we share them here in the Community) on a monthly basis. I recommend that you take a look at all the release notes we have beginning from July 2017. Not all feature releases are reported with a splash here at Asana, but our team regularly makes updates and announces product releases - but, as I’m sure you know, some products take more time to build than others. While our team is unable to share a public roadmap, I think you’ll be very interested in this Medium post by our head of product, which describes in detail how the Asana team creates a product roadmap and builds our product:

I hope this helps clear up some of your concerns. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.



Thanks @Alexis for the reply and clarification, despite that it really doesn’t answer the fact that there are lots of features around the forum, marked as prioritized over a year ago and with no proper update on implementation (nor it has been implemented and just not notified) which is what makes me question how is that you guys go about building features, especially when the great majority of features in the release notes of the last 6 months are mostly lipstick rather than actual improvements is usage, especially when there are many real features and pain points scattered around here in the forum. Again I am sure guys are busy, but for many of us there are deal breakers and have an impact in our operation, and the fact we are married to you guys over a year makes it even more pressing :frowning: