Putting Privacy Policy in Asana Form


When using Asana Form to collect requests/applications from external users we would like to put Privacy Policy link which leads the users to our corporate Privacy Policy page. Such as this; “By clicking the Submit button you have read and understood our Privacy Policy (link)”.

It would be great if you can put text/html message (not as a question) at the end or the beginning of the form so we can make sure the users are submitting their info having read and understood the Policy.
It would be ideal if we could put a checkbox so the users cannot submit the form without checking the box.

I would very much welcome if there is any get around!

Thank you for taking time to share this great feedback with us @Yoshi_Hiraguchi and for providing all the details for this request!

I’m filing a task to share your feedback with the team and while I can’t promise if or when this will implemented, I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have some updates on my end!

Have a great weekend :slight_smile: