Put projects in folders

Is it possible to “folderize” the projects section, or/and the favorites section?


Nope. The structure above projects is Teams, so maybe you can use Teams as a “folder”…


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Hey Rashad Issa,
Please see answer in your e-mail


An idea to “folderize” a bit the projects into a team could be to create “false” projects with names like "---- Type A of projects —, “----Type B of projects—” …
I use that, it is not ideal but it works. Those “false” projects do not have any tasks, they just create some kind of sections in the left pane. With signs like ----- or ***** or >>>>> you can make them more visible.



Is there a way to see a sum of all projects for a team?

I use this exact method that Julien describes and it works very well. If there are no tasks in your false projects (as there shouldn’t be), they will not clutter up any searches or sorts. Also, remember you can reorder projects in the left pane by dragging, even though the UI doesn’t really indicate that. So once you’ve created your section headers, you can arrange everything how you want it.

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Hello Brian,

The left pane is a bit cumbersome to see all the projects, is there no nice summary page of all the projects (listed or otherwise, like the nice way tasks are seen)?

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Hi @Dan_peled,
please se the post, and vote, i think it is somewhat, what you are looking for.


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You were very clear and precise.
I do not understand how the ASANA team are working without this management feature-
It seems quite trivial to do in the basics of the design of the interface.

Actually this feature is what makes my company think twice if we will upgrade the account…

As I understand they did not pick up the glove… Any news you know on updates?


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Hi @Dan_peled, we are in the exact same situation as you.

It bothers us because we had no choice but to use the Projects level as a way to group our projects which are created in Tasks. And because of that, we can’t use the “custom project” feature that we were hoping to use heavily because it only works on Projet, not Tasks.

@Dan_peled since october 2017, what did your company decide?


Would love this ability! Teams seems to have its own problems.

Have to believe that no one does not want this.

The inability to nest projects or folderize projects seems intuitive and obvious.


Let’s revive this thread. It would be so useful!

Until then, my particular problem is too many clients to have each client as a project. The design team tend to work across all of them, so our current set up is one ‘team’ and then many separate projects as clients. Would it be possible to use separate teams for each client until Asana adds folders? Would this stop us doing projects that go across several projects (currently our only workaround to get a timeline view of everything going on.



I noticed a newer feature called “Portfolios” that seems to address this need.

Only problem is that you need a “Business” subscription to get it.

I think €20 per month per user is a very hefty pricetag to just have folders…


I agree. This is the only premium feature that is appealing to me, but it is not worth the middle-tier cost.

Is there anyway to put TEAMS in folders??? I have like 1 client type in 25 teams and it would be great if I can just click “doctors” and it opens up their teams.

It would be great if we could “folderize” the proyects. For example in my case we work at a consulting agency so we manage like 80 clients and we run different kind of projects on each one of them. So we need to group all the present and past projects for each client in a folder.

pleaaaaaase do it! Doesnt matter if these feature is on a free or premium plan

Why don’t you use a team for each client?

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