Push Start Date to Upcoming and Today Sections


I’ve just started using the premium feature which allows a start and end date. While I am thankful this has finally been implemented, the GUI needs a bit of work and most importantly, it appears that tasks are not pushed to “upcoming” or “today” based on their START date, but on their END date. This, to me, defeats the purpose since I rely on this push to begin a project, but when the push comes too late and it has already ‘started,’ I may not have taken note of the task in time.

Would love a change on this or an option to push to “today” and “upcoming” based on the START date.


I also wish that the date ranges would reflect days of the week just as singular dates do - it gets confusing when “tomorrow” and “Dec 29” are listed but both refer to tomorrow’s date. That and creating date ranges on the calendar of a task seems a bit “sticky” and doesn’t feel easy.


Yes I agree with @Jesse_Lang1 on this one. I almost missed some critical booking deadlines for exhibiting at an event because of this. Here’s the use case: This week I had 5 tasks that were set up with start dates at the start of the week (set up several months ago so had dropped off my radar as you would expect) and due dates of the end of the week. These were tasks that would take a few days to work on and I wanted to give myself plenty of time to hit the deadlines, hence the need for the start date. However, these didn’t come to my attention because I rely on tasks coming into my “Today” list automatically to come to my attention to work on that day. They were well down my Upcoming list, so out of view. Fortunately I happened to stumble across them yesterday and worked late to make sure I would hit today’s deadline. However if I hadn’t, there’s a good chance I would have missed the deadlines.