Push Notifications at 'Due Time'

Still a hot topic for me. The ability to have on task management system was a prime reason for using Asana over other options.


How is this still an issue. People have been asking for it since 2017.
Its so simple, set a time that you wish to be notified of a task i.e. 1 hour before, 30 min before, or on the due date time, and when that time arrives you receive a pop-up or email. I don’t understand how a task management application does not have this function… it boggles my mind.

Here is a post from Sept 2018

Hi @Max_Entin,

A tasks reaching a due date is indeed one of the triggers for e-mail notifications:(https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana)

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Now… Please tell me why you can’t send a notification/pop-up/SOMETHING as well as an email?

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Is the app development department ever going to listen to us? Why is this such a hard feature to add?

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Hi @john_fay welcome to the Forum. Apologies for any inconvenience. I completely understand how helpful this feature would be. To be honest, we don’t have any updates to share about it at the moment.

Alex, one of our Engineers, explained in the thread the reasons why we haven’t been able to develop this feature yet. You can see his response here

We do value your experience with us and we take into account all feedback received from our users to improve our Product.

The lack of this core-feature is absolutely mind-boggling. This is a Project and Task Management software. I understand it may be a difficult task, however many MANY other solutions have implemented it successfully. It’s been TWO YEARS since this topic was started. As difficult as it may be, I refuse to believe there could be no progress made in two whole years.

each quarter we have to make really tough decisions about what’s going to get built and what isn’t
I simply cannot imagine how ‘Implement timed reminders in out Task Management App’ is ever a tough decision in any quarter. It’s just such a basic necessity.

Asana Business would be the perfect organisation-wide solution to implement for one of our partner companies, but we simply cannot recommend an otherwise complete and complex application, while it’s lacking such a core feature.


I can’t believe a TODO app doesn’t support sending notification on due time… Such a basic functionality!! After two years!!!


Like many others here I’m also missing this feature. The Asana App (iOS) sends you lots of push notifications regarding every task that has been completed. Most of them are annoying, because the notifications settings are not very granular.

But you won’t be notified if your own tasks are due.
This should be a basic feature.


Actually, Asana WAS going to build this, but they keep forgetting since the Asana app doesn’t remind them with push notifications!

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Is there an add on or API that will allow this functionality yet? I have transitioned most of my stuff to Toodledo and 2Do. They aren’t as slick with projects but allow reminders, sub tasks, projects, lists, and collaboration with an easy to use format. All Asana needs is push notifications on the due time and the option to banner past do items to remain valid. I refuse to use two systems to accomplish these functions. there are other better project management programs I can use on bigger projects that will interface better with my 2Do. This issue cannot be this difficult to resolve.

Reminder push notifications would be very helpful. Right now, I have to use a secondary reminder system.

We have an integration with Google Calendar where all of your tasks appear on the calendar the date and time the task is due. You can then utilize reminders from Google Calendar to notify you the moment a task is due. You can find out more here: https://www.projectprocs.com/. If you have any questions, please do send me a message and I can answer any questions you have.

Still no reminders. Well we can absolutely be sure, that asana team doesn’t add them on purpose. Maybe they could give us an explanation for reasons? There have to be some.

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Pay to another service and give it access to asana and google accounts just to get reminders. That is crazy. Asana team, hear me?