Push Notifications at 'Due Time'



This feature is really necessary. Reminders for due tasks and instant sync with Google Calander. Monday.com does it so why not Asana? Honestly I don’t see how a quality project and task management tool doesn’t exist in 2018. Asana is well ahead of Monday.com but they need to invest in development if they want to gain or keep customers.


Thanks Alex, Is there anyway to get an idea of what is on the roadmap as far as updates? There are issues we are trying to solve like this and I would hate to spend time & money on work-arounds if you have new functionality coming. Please send a list of what might be coming in the next 6 months if possible. +THANK YOU!


My theory is that this can be done through customized field, which is part of a paid plan. So Asana might not implement this anytime soon


One idea: use a saved search to locate all incomplete tasks assigned to you that are due with X days.

I have this saved report/search, which I call “Upcoming”, and I try to make it a habit to check it first thing every day. Of course it doesn’t solve the problem if you need a reminder at a specific time of day.


I can only hope that Asana development won’t “unexpectedly” find a solution to this hard problem and make it part of the new higher priced tiers…


Very much needed


Just started using Asana Business. I can’t believe there’s not a way to get an email “notification” or “reminder” sent to me at a time I choose in advance of a task being due. (Hint, hint, Asana --> Todoist does this!)

Related: A little frustrated that the help page for email notifications shows an out-of-date settings screenshot.

This is what the settings actually look like (you can see there’s no way to enable reminder notifications:


@Li_lei on principle alone, I will never buy anything from you, and will actively suggest to others they do the same. Please spam elsewhere.


please, this is really important for us to stop todoist and evernote alerts


This functionality would be so helpful. Please add this feature!


This is a critical function for me. I am essentially haveing to transfer my yasks to another system (2do)=/toodledo) to make sure I am reminded that I have a call to make at 1:30. We reall need this feature to have a push notification at the TIME a task is due.


I like the ability to add a time to the due date but wish there was a notification that would be sent at that time.


Hi @Chantal_Rotondo and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

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Great, thanks. I noticed this thread has been going for a LONG time. Is this a feature that’s being worked on?


PLEASE, this is such a basic feature.



We’re going to very quickly stop using you if you don’t actually deliver on features which such a large audience base of yours is requesting!


You guys are KILLING business productivity! You need to fix this as we’re paying you all this money for a reason.


“It’s really hard” is an official answer from the Asana development team? I thought solving hard problems is what software development is all about. This should have been a CORE functionality of a task manager (not a feature) and I can’t understand why it was overlooked. The fact that it’s not being actively developed is very disappointing (at least as far as we know since we’ve had no other communication).


Just to throw my voice into the wind, not to rant, but because I genuinely love Asana and wish I could keep using it. I’m tired of using two task management solutions, Asana for its many rich features, and then iOS reminders when I need a reminder at an actual time. First stop is Todoist Premium to see how that works. I do hope a reminder feature will find its way into Asana. The only reason I haven’t pushed Asana with our team is the lack of this feature…we have too many time-dependent tasks. Please, Asana?


Edit: I just noticed that I can get a “live notification” as soon as someone replies to my comment. Hmmm…if only that sort of feature could be engineered to be useful elsewhere…